"The Great Ones" (GR8l)

Yo, my name is James AKA StR8 Jacket Jim, Mr Freehuggs and I have a ELITE clan that may be looking for U! We are here to win, we love playing the latest COD release. Are you one of the best at what you do ? R U a RUSHER? CAMPER? SNIPER? We have limited amount of slots left in our squads, are you upto filling that spot. Our Squads are made up of all the play styles! We also need a BEAST, at ZOMBIES. Y? Sorry I hate zombies, I will never play it. But we want to complete the ELITE Clan challenges , and get that XP. Also, we need TRICKSHOT snipers! We get to the win, we need to go out with a BANG! So if you are playing a lot, but when you get on your all alone? Come join us! We are "The Great Ones" Check us out on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/GR8l-The-Great-Ones/144233029114803 Check us out on ELITE: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/4495339 Under Construction YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0cCmRswSwvsgVEC0YZEP9Q What kind of COD player are you? Take this quiz to find out: http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_type_of_call_of_duty_player_are_you Add me to your friends if you want to play: StR8 Jacket Jim 1.32 K/D 350 SPM .91 W/L 65,000+ kills

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Jeez people don't read, look in here for info about clan recruitment forums.xbox.com/.../282696.aspx

I bet I could take 5 other regulars from this forum and beat probably EVERY clan thats come through here, LOL.

Sad but it's probably true.

There are some great gamers that come in these forums too, its not that the clans would be that bad, its just we are better (well not me, but others) :P

If you have MLG anywhere on your profile or gamerpic then that is worthy of an extra second of tea bagging in game :)

Not at all related to this topic Tam, and it's a zombies picture. There's clearly no MLG Zombies. Not to mention you'd actually have to kill me to be able to tea bag me.....

It's an evolving topic and teabagging  MLGee fans is always fun. As for killing you ,well I may get lucky once or twice ;)

Forget just the MLG wannabes and whatnot, teabagging people who run their mouth in the lobby and can't back it up, mega campers, and sometimes people with the nuke calling card with crappy stats are worth the time.