"The game has been updated to an incompatible version" error

I popped in my preview disc for my xbox 360 that contained the 2011 fall update and Halo: Reach and received this error. I understand that I was supposed to get a Games on Demand code but I haven't received one or if I did I deleted it a long time ago. I haven't played Halo: Reach in many months and just updated to receive this error. I was hoping I could receive another Games on Demand code, I have posted a picture of my preview disc for some sort of proof that I own it.



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Hmm, well if my memory serves, I believe that the preview disc doesn't work with the game anymore prior to the Title Update last year, meaning you have to get a new copy of Reach from a certain forum. Perhaps the support forum?

Yes, this is an issue you'll need to contact Microsoft Support about. You can go to support.xbox.com to start off. From there you can choose to chat online with a support member (don't confuse this with an ambassador), or you can call 1-800-4MY-XBOX.

Zacxx201 I'm having the same problem and am wondering if you could update on whether Microsoft fixed it for you

I had the same problem and just talked with MS.  This is the response they gave me:

They sent out all of those codes after the beta ended when the game was released. That was quite a while ago. Let me check to see if they can still do that. I remember when they did send out the codes they actually had a place set up in the forum to post if you didn't recieve the code or were having other trouble.

Unfortunately it looks like they stopped issuing those codes six months after the beta ended.

We are outta luck because we were busy with life or other games.  

I believe to have gotten the code you had to have played the game right around when the update that screwed it up came - they didn't automatically send codes to everyone (probably because a lot of people signed up for the dashboard beta and then send the game for money).

I had no idea there was a code