"Red Hot Research" broken?

I swear I researched everything in my Challenge Mode zoo but I don't have the achievement. What am I missing?


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Some options

* Finished the Main Gate Research Tree?

* Finished researching every animal for both Exhibits and Mini-Exhibits?

* Finished researching all the Enrichments and Animal Care items for all of the Exhibits?

* What about all of the Decorations, Concessions, etc.?  There are a ridiculous number of Decorations to Research.

Yes, I made sure I researched everything. I started a new challange mode zoo to try it again but I'm afraid I'll run into the same problem and have it be for nothing. There is too much of the blue bar missing in the achievements for it to just be a few things. I guess some things didn't register for some reason.

I just unlocked the achievement. Somehow I was missing the scenery items. One of three things happened. Either I overlooked them somehow (which I know I didn't), they appeared to be researched already or they didn't register the first time.