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Hi Folks, been quite a while since th e last time I posted, feel kinda lost with the new format.

Anyways, TFU II was a bit of dissapointment for me as and overall product despise the major improvements to combat and gameplay. So if there's ever going to be a 3rd installment... what do You want in it and Why?

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none of the stupid challenges or medals, more levels, make the storyline more sensible

Is this game worth $14.99? Just wondering because I seen it used at my local Blockbuster for this price???

I would say the game is worth $14.99. It's overall ok, not the worst, but not the best.

I enjoyed it, but definitely agree it's not worth more than $19.99 max.

Yeah... I also bought the CE... I didnt have many problems with the challenges, except for the speed run trial... damn was tough!

I've said it many times and once more I dont think they  used the DMM to the fullest and the puzzles were few and unispiring. How awesome will be to force grip a chunk floor and slam it into a bunch of Troopers and then force push the rest into the hole. The early builds of TFU were very exciting because they hinted at what I'm saying.

Thought the story wasnt better than the first... still I really want to finish the storyline of how Vader got away from containment (If we finally will fight Bobba Fett) and how they will bring to a closure Starkiller timeline.

All I want is the gameplay from TFU2 but the length of at least TFU1.

I can't believe I bought the CE version of the game. Judging by the fact it cost me $69.99, what I got extra, and how much the game should have cost (it was half the length I wanted). The CE should've cost $39.99.

I am sure TFU3 will be released because boba fett chases them in the end indiacating that he's upto something in TFU2.

Also, hopefully they make the story line longer and sensible and a pleasing ending.