"PermaPerks" in Zombies Easter Eggs

This taken from another site and not my findings,

Thanks goes out to the original poster an those that help find these easter eggs out.

"PermaPerks" in Zombies...

What: Passive effects that are permanent in Tranzit zombies.

How: Completing a required "challenge" for the passive effect.

Where: For now, on Green Run Tranzit.

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So basically, one of my friends that loves to revive people on Zombies has noticed that on TranZit once you pick up around 12 to 15 people, that you then get Quick Revive by default. O_o (Meaning that without the actual perk, you now revive people as fast as you would, it's also passive which means if you go down you'll still have the regular QR effect; and the effect becomes purple.)

THEN, if you decide to stack the Quick Revive perk with that passive effect; you pick people up in less than a second!

Known passive effects:

Quick Revive: 12-20 revives

Steel-reinforced Barricades: Around 2000-2500 points from rebuilding barricades

Deadshot Daiquiri (aim assist becomes "more pronounced", headshot effects for body shot kills, deal more headshot damage): Double headshot

Explosives (?): # of kills in a match with grenades or explosive weapons (ex: RPGs, War Machine. etc), survive a certain amount of explosives in one game


- A new passive effect has been discovered! (12/02/12) (Many thanks to bulletman for bringing the information up!)

"Fireproof" (?): no damage taken from the lava pits (?)

"PHD Flooper/No Fire Damage has been confirmed, but he doesn't know how he unlocked it!"


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Fireproof and PHD Flopper? No Lie?

They're not permaperks because you can lose them

Man, we need to discover PHD asap!

I've tested out a #of theories regarding flopper, but to no avail...

I'm thinking that it was likely just a glitch.

250 kills with things that blow zombies up. Grenades, MnS, RPG, War Machine. One game, and you got PhD Flop.


My whole group lost all of "perma" perks the other night.  Any idea how you loose them yet?  Barricades and head shots was easy enough to get back but the quick revive is gonna be a pain to re-get.

I lost my quick revive, from what I understand is if you start reviving someone and have to stop and they die, you lose it.

^^ Thats what I was thinking and that scenario did happen before I lost em but why would it effect the barricades and dead shot too?  I like what they did with the perma perks just wish there was a little more info on em.

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