"one of the PS3's most satisfying action RPGs" - Official Playstation Magazine

Why is this on the back of my Xbox 360 box! I live in the UK and just got my copy through the post. This was one of the quotes on the back of the game :p



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It's not on my case anywhere. Back of the game case or the tin on the CE. Sure you aren't looking at a PS3 copy? Just making sure.

Who cares?

ya who care game sucks anyway

oh and the point of darksouls is this is waht happens when you do not hold game devs responable for **** games

You haven't played it by the looks of it.

EDIT: Moreover I read both those posts and saw "this game doesn't play itself or pander to my skill level therefore it's rubbish".

i have didffent profiles but nice try

and its ps3 so ofcourse no matter how bad it is it will always be the best since sony just sucks