"New content coming" flash screen - when?

Hey guys, huge fan of Xbox Fitness.  I added the P90X routine to my workout schedule and gained 15 pounds of muscle and cut down to 4% body fat.  It's the best!  Highly recommend it.

So I fired up the app the other day and I saw a welcome screen that showed a Mat with them labeling it with Xbox Fitness.  Then said we have important announcements coming soon... Implying new content.  

Does anyone have any idea what that content is or when it's going to be announced?  I'm hoping for P90X3 to be added somehow.  



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Nice, I can't wait.....ive cut from 168lbs to 148lbs now in 3.5 months..... and while aloe getting stronger.... extremely happy to push for more..... hope there are more MOSSA workouts!!, particularly Fight! :)

Asked them about it a few weeks back and they said it is on the way: twitter.com/.../627889256216707072

Although they tend to always reply among those lines.

Anyone heard anything more on this one?  Seemed odd to tease us and not give us any update.

According to the image in that post, it looked like it was content created exclusively for Xbox Fitness. So expect a big brand name but for Xbox Fitness.

P90X3 hmmmmm, It could be good idea.

Or Yoga workout!