"Modder" on GTA: Gay Tony that no one seems to be doing anything about.

Hi. I have blocked, reported, and filed complaints against a gamertag named [Removed by Moderator] and have gone as far as calling 1-800-4my-xbox and they advised me to come here and post something so that "xbox" will get an email directly.

So I'm here to say this: Please, get this terrible player offline. I'm not asking anyone to ban anyone here. But to block his xbox's i.p. address or whatever you do to keep his modded xbox to keep from playing again would be a god send. 

This is coming from the heart, not out of anger.

I'm a defensless non-modding player and have appearantly gotten on the bad side of this player " Smurfeh " and he keeps stalking my account and joining my matches. He freezes me every time and it knocks the entire lobby offline. We are all forced to restart our consoles and I'm afraid its going to ruin my limited edition Star Wars xbox!

So please please PLEASE do something about this! I pay for this service while PSN is free, and I want to stay with xbox but I can't do so if I'm continuely harrassed with no sort of back up from you guys! :(


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Sorry to hear someone else is making a game difficult for you.  There are a couple of different options for you to help alleviate this problem hopefully. Please go to the link below on a step by step on these steps.  Also if the player is harassing you do not forget to file a complaint in the feedback system.  Those complaint are taken very seriously.  Hopefully this helps, if not please reply in the forum and we can see what other help we might be able to provide.