"Make mine Clan Sized"

So basically, I have not been in a Halo clan since Halo 2...I found that most clans between then and now aren't interested in gaining SKILLED players, they are all about the numbers..I AM PERFECTLY SATISFIED with a STRONG SKILLED 4 man team, or up to the party max. I don't want to join some clan that has a billion members, cause chances are, I'll destroy them all. I'm not saying I am the top player, but from my experience, (since HALO) my knowledge of weapons and OBJECTIVES, I consider myself a formidable teammate, or worthy adversary. 95% of my games always end with me in 1st place, most kills highest K/D ratio. (or lowest depending on how you look at it, usually a game ends for me with 17-30 kills and between 1-8 deaths.)  I make EXTREMELY good use of ALL equipment, I can run and gun with just sprint and an **** rifle with grenades, or i can sneak sneak with camo and a snipe. I want to join a clan that is about one thing and one thing only..TO be the best. I work 3rd shift so my gaming availability for the most part is from 10 am to 2am. I am off wednesdays and thursdays (odd i know) so those nights i can be on later. I catch on quick to team plans and playing styles. my gamertag is Niftyclipz feel free to either message me on here or invite me on xbox live. I will take any invite seriously and hope that this will get a response lol. Thank you for your time and consideration. PEACE!


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