"Lost connection to host" CONSTANTLY in Blackops

This happens every once in awhile. Last night i was able to play just fine. Now today i log in no problems. Get in to a game, sometimes it will take a minute or two and sometimes almost immediately i will get sent back to the lobby and it says "Lost connection to host". Then after that screen is gone it will say Migrating host at the top of the player list then count down and send me back to the menu screen. This is extremely annoying. Anyone having the same problems or have a solution?


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Your issue is not something that can be fixed.

This event occurs when the host dashboards or turn off the Xbox in the middle of a game.

There is nothing that can be done about this unless if you can fix human behavior.

I've had ppl dashboard. This isn't the case. This happens immediately when a game starts sometimes. No one has left the game. I know this b/c i was in the game w/ a friend and no one else left.

Is that so... sorry for my useless response then.

I wish that I knew what was going on.

How is your internet connection with your computer?

There might be a problem with your NAT settings or your internet connection, I don't know too much about network stuff. Try posting in the Xbox Live Support Forum

Internet isn't great right now but its not horrible. I JUST played an entire game w/o disconnecting then the 3 games after that all disconnects. This is getting ridiculous.

i say disconnect your router and reset it. if this doesnt work then look up in the black ops support thread. that should give good info,

I have had the same problem all day. The games it doesn't, everything lags like hell. Ran a speed test and everything was normal. There's no extra network activity on my local network. I have no idea what is going on, but Black Ops has been pretty much unplayable today.

At the time of this post i did reset the router. No help. Gave Black Ops a break and i'll be trying it again here in a bit.

Possible Problems:The Host is dashboarding, you're having connectivity/NAT issues, or the host tried to lagswitch and failed.

Solutions: none possible, besides manually opening your NAT if possible, or getting a better connection for more money from your ISP.

So i just played for about 2 hours. No problems what so ever. No solutions. I'm probably guaranteeing this will happen again sooner or later.

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