"Golden Artifacts" Run

If you're still in need of this achievement, hit me up THIS SATURDAY (September 21) at 3PM PST. I've already got one person: cold since 82. Hit him up, also. He's very reliable and consistent. If you're not sure you'll be able to make it, do not post. People that no-show are not welcome. A mic helps, but it isn't required. LET'S DO IT!


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... or hit me up at any time, actually.

tonight, let make it happen.  Will be on 10:00 pm central time.

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sorry eastern time


Sorry, man.  I've got dinner @ 7 PM PST. 

sorry eastern time

Even though I have this achievement, I can still help those people who do not have it.

still down to help?

Looks like nobody is interested, but anyway ... I forgot that I will not be able to make it this Saturday because I am out of town. I apologize. If anybody is still in need of the achievement, hit me up on Sunday, and we will definitely coordinate.