"Fun" Classes for SnD

In Mw2 did anyone make "fun" classes for Search? I used to make some fun classes when I got bored, eg. Riot Shield, C4, OMA, DC? Just run around throw C4 at the enemies then rapidly tap X when you 'feel' it's close to the enemy. Haha, so fun! So have you found/made one for this game? I made a simple one, basically one of the same from Mw2 with Overkill. XD

Riot shield + TK + Overkill + Scavenger + AA-12 = OWNAGE.

No time to take out your AA-12? Throw your knife at em. :D Is he running away into a building, take out your AA-12 and spray'n'pray (Unless you haz skillz(joke you scrubs)).

So what classes have you made? (OH P.S. Get over the damn fact you suck at CoD and stop making excuses, read my damn sig, theres my response to you (censored) (censored).


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Why do you even bother posting a thread like this if you obviously don't care what other people have to say?