"For the Horde" Onyx Medal question.

DO you need to complete all 50 waves at once (1-50), or can you do them in chunks like the campaign (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50)?  Just wondering because doing all 50 at once seems like it would take like 3-4 hours at the least.


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It has to be all in one sitting to get the medal.

To get the 50 wave achievement you can break it up, in a private match the host can pick with wave to start out at.

I Bugeo my I can not pass from the wave 47, but reached the 50 only makes me reach the 47

Insane 1-50 two hard mutators one easy about two hours with a team that knows whats up.Check out Elite Horders on the Epic site if you can stand the bs,lol......not from the group,from  the fanboys and "issue dodgers" on the forums.They censor everything and anything negative.....lol....good luck.

you can break it up.  needs to be in all one sitting if you want the "long hauler" ribbon (1500XP).  if you do raven down on insane with vampire, enemy regen & super reload mutators on we average about an hour and 15 minutes to roll through all 50.