"Conversation List" & "My Recent Activity" not working

I've been away for a while and the forums have changed. Is it some kind of known issue that My Forums isn't working or is it just me? I can favorite posts but the other 2 things I mentioned in the subject do not work. I've recently been active and My Recent Activity says No activity. What's up with this, I don't wanna have to favorite every post I want to keep track of. The threads I post in should just be there. When I refresh it says Loading activity... and then always No activity.


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The feedback category is loaded with a million complaints just like yours and we are told there is nothing we can do about it. The new forums are here to stay even if 75 to 80 percent of it's users leave in a mass exodus, they do not seem to care.

Damn. When I was first looking at it a few days ago I was really frustrated. I was thinking WHERE ARE THE ACTUAL FORUMS? I hadn't seen the 2 tiny drop down menus in the upper left "Xbox Forums" and "PC Games". That's poor design to have all the forums listed in some tiny drop down menus hidden away in the upper left in between a bunch of stuff.


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Yeah it does take a bit of getting used to, but its not so bad once you adjust. Still a bit of work to be done though

The "My forums" is no more, but Recent Activity should work. Make sure you on the forum that you posted on, so for example if you click General Discussion, then Recent Activity, it should show you all your posts from this forum Let me know if you need a hand, happy to help

You can now favourite different forums for quicker access.

Saying that though, I'd like both to have Favourites and My Forums back.

Ok I see that you can sort by Your Discussions when viewing any forum, which is helpful.

I'm talking about the forums home page when you mouse over Community up top and click Forums. My Forums DOES still exist. It's right there with a few improvements, only it doesn't work... Favorites works but Conversation List and My Recent Activity never show anything.

Conversation List is for Private Messaging (PM).

Thank you Resistance, I haven't sent or received any PMs so that explains that. Which just leaves the fact that My Recent Activity doesn't work.

I do have one conversation, but the recent activity doesn't work. You start conversations by clicking on the envelope under the forum posts.



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Like Thrill said welcome to Hell.