"Connection to Host" fail all of the sudden?

My friend and I have been playing Gears co-op all week. Tonight, he cannot connect to me to continue playing our game. He's getting a "connection to host session failed. you cannot join the game session" error. I can connect to other multiplayer games, so can he. I can also join his games, he just can't join mine. 

Anybody have any idea why this would happen out of the blue? I have changed no settings at all with my XBOX, router, or modem.


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Every time I would try to join my cousin's session it would do the same thing... We've decided that we think it's because his has been updated & my gears game hadn't been... yet. I updated it today & we'll probably test this theory tonight. I can let you know if that fixes the problem. Have you updated your gears since you played last?