"Communication with the Xbox LIVE servers has been interrupted."

Anyone else getting this...


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yep i sure i am i contacted activision after trouble shooting it through MS but nothing it's really *** annpoying normally 1 or 2 console restarts  also normally happens when i log on for the first time

Does it say this at the lobby or something?


I got this last night, so did a Google search. Apparently this is to do with punishing people who dashboard according to a few sites. However, I got it after I switched the console off during a game as I got an urgent call to go out. Came back and received this message.


I have now found it may have to do with connecting too quickly. When you load the menu, you ill see in player list 0 players... wait until it gathers numbers and tells you how many are in each mode, then look for a game. Every time I tried to connect before players in each mode were listed, I got this error!

i got this at least  every game and it wont stop!

I'm gettin this today 22/11 all mornin.

Its part of the new terrorism against xbox live players, I get it when I school a cheat, it was once rare, now it happens all too often.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this ***? I've been trying to play ghosts online for the past 3days this is ***!!

I just get it when I try to download Call of Duty Elite... That's my problem. I keep getting an error code o, o

Yes several times during the course of a game session. This needs to be resolved.