"Close Encounter" Achievement - where is it?

The Prima Guidebook for Dead Space 3 claims there's an early 10 pt achievement called "Close Encounter"  --  earned for killing your first 10 Necromorphs. Prima claims you would normally earn this in Chapter 1.  I'm much further into the game, have killed hundreds of Necromorphs, and have never seen this achievement.  Has anyone else earned this one?  Trying to figure out if my game is glitched or if Prima is glitched.  


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It's actually a certain kind of necromorph that you will meet near the end of the game, it's a new enemy type so i'll try to remain spoiler free but you first see it in about chapter 17 i'd say.

So it happens late in the game, not chapter 1. Looks like Prima goofed on this one. Thanks Platform.