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I was looking into some guides and wikis on the subject and they are a little unclear. My question is, to get the appropriate achievement for each respected "Best" Weapon (whether it be Crystal, Lighting, ect...) do you need to simply acquire the basic version of that weapon... ? ...or the fully upgraded version after the 10+ upgrades and large shards and embers and everything???

I like me my achievements. But I don't feel like an insane amount of farming or grinding just to get any.


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You will not have to farm or grind to get these weapons. You will find yourself having to upgrade them from time to time to get the increase in damage and it does not cost too many souls to upgrade. An enemy later on in the game drops enough souls to uprgade your weapon once, so it's no big deal.


Feel free to ask any questions about this game as starting out is a little confusing. This is probably the most productive forum I've ever seen in terms of people helping one another.

You have to upgrade each different type of weapon weapon to it's fully upgraded form.

These are the highest levels you get to with each type of weapon.


Normal +15

Lightning +5

Crystal +5

Raw +10

Magic +10

Enchanted +5

Fire +10

Chaos +5

Divine +10

Occult +5


The way the weapons upgrade themselves was a bit confusing at first. But as you upgrade a weapon, I see once it obtains a certain level, it may branch off into different upgrading paths.


For example:

getting a short sword, and then upgrading it to normal +5.


once it reaches level normal +5, it can continue to level it up to normal +10 or branch off into Magic +1 - +5, fire +1 - +5 or divine +1 - +5. And depending on what branch you choose, determines what other upgrades can be done. If you stay on branch Normal +10, once you've upgraded your normal +5 weapon from 6 up to +10, then you can stay on the normal path again and level it up to +15, or you can branch it off to go down the lightning +1 - +5 or crystal +1 - +5 path once you've reached normal +10.

Same thing for magic, fire and divine. Once you've gotten either one of those three to level five, you will have two branches to go off into. For example, getting your weapon to normal level 5, and then upgrading it to fire, and then getting fire to level 5, you can branch it off to chaos, and then upgrade chaos up to level five, OR stay on the path of fire and upgrade that to level 10.

You understand ANY of that I just typed???

It was confusing at first for me too, but now I get it. I love upgrading my weapons.


Upgraded to the max of each weapon type, meaning you have to find the embers needed and take them to specific blacksmithes, also need to acquire the shards/largeshard/chunks/slab needed to max out each path... Man I love this game.

and after that there is the all rare weapons achievement cue headache.

What's the difference between "raw" and "normal" in terms of the attack damage formula?

Hmmm... okay. I think I get it now. I thought there was a special way to acquire said weapon, then upgrade it to its full form. But okay, I see now. It makes sense. Thanks everyone.

@Dre G:

Yeah your explanation made sense. Thanks.

@Back Lot:

I'd like to know as well. anyone can answer, what is the difference between the "Raw" and "Normal" weapons?

RAW greatly increases the base damage but has bad damage scaling. The main advantage to it is that the weapon can still be enchanted via spells, miracles, or resin, therefore adding on to the already pretty big base damage.

Raw has better BASE stats, but it has WEAK scaling. Normal has a weaker base stats but better scaling.


For anyone that doesn't know What I mean by basic and scaling is, when you hit the X button on a weapon thats hit lighted in the inventory, and the physical damage attribute, theres two numbers on that line.


That first one is the base, thats the weapon damage output on it's own. When you upgrade a weapon this number is the one that increases the most.


That second number is the SCALING, this is the damage that you add to the weapon's own damage rating. This number increases based on what ever stat the weapon uses. So if  a weapon uses strength, then this second number will increase everytime you level up your strength.


RAW is better for when you got a weapon that scales really good, but you won't be adding more points into the attribute that scales with the weapon, then it's better to make it raw and rely on upgrading the weapon to get more damage out of the weapon.


Normal weapons will have something like this

100(base) + 34(scale)

Raw will have this

120(base) +12(scale)

This same thing applies to Occult, and devine, with devine being normal and occult being raw.

[quote user="Dre G Writer"]

This same thing applies to Occult, and devine, with devine being normal and occult being raw.

[/quote]I'm confused? What do you mean by this?

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