"being Cursed"

It appears that you cannot be cursed and be in human form.  I am asking if that is true?   If so..  How could I ever seek help in New londo.  I used transient curse but did not finish level or recieve the sword that kills ghost without being cursed.  The only merchant that I know of that sells  Transient curse (old lady in sewer) is out of them.  So am I just up **** creek and have to do New Londo cursed and hollow? 


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I believe that one cannot be in human form while cursed.


You are not out of options, however.  Did you find all 6 of the transient curses that you can pillage?  You can get yourself cursed and try to farm a cursed weapon or farm transient curses - with the covetous gold serpent ring, they tend to drop transient curses pretty often actually.  You can make the cursed greatsword of Artorias.  You can curse yourself and clear out New Londo solo.  You can also buy more transient curses from Ingward, which are cheaper than the woman in the sewer and he carries more (I'm not sure if he runs out or not, but I've bought more than 50 from him during one playthrough).  You can also try to trade for transient curses.


Another note, you can't summon anyone to help in New Londo unless you've drained the water.

Thanks for the info.  one last thing.  I have been summonds and tried to help others but as they go down a spirl staircase (they tend to jump off)  anyways I try to follow them and if I stay on stair case I just go round and round.  If I jump off I die.  This has happen numerous times  any info on what I am doing wrong.

Have you fought Sif yet?  You get a ring from defeating him and you have to wear that ring in order to drop down into the Abyss.

ahhh  I get it.   I do have the ring   MY bad for not thinking THAT was dropping to the abyss.   Thanks for the connection

NP.  Good luck with 4 kings.

Yeah thats why I usually like to go help people  get a feel for the fight but I have not been able to because I never put the ring on.  thanks again