"Bad Company 2 Wookie in its Natural Habitat" - video


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Now, watch closely as I ram my thumb up his butthole!


aaaaw he looks so peaceful in his natural habitat miles away from the action ........seriously thou how do you not notice a rocket flying past your head ?

I'm yelling at my screen "KILL HIM ALREADY!"

And people whine about bush wookies doing nothing.

Lol completely oblivious to 3 rockets fired right over his head...


I was playing a game on Heavy Metal today when I was driving to B in a tank to go cap it, and what do I see? 4 wookies on my team sitting right outside the area doing nothing but staring at the flag, so I TK'd them all and took B by myself against 3 other tanks. I didn't even get hatemail, it's like they were expecting it to happen.