"Another screen is already called Xbox One" + how to keep phone paired?

I've paired my Nexus 5 via the YouTube app, but it lists my Xbox One as "Xbox One 4". If I go into settings and edit the name to just "Xbox One", it says "Another screen is already called Xbox One", even though it's not as I only have one phone paired to one console. I've tried deleting the pairing, so no "TVs" are connected, then re-pairing, but I get the same issue.

The second issue I'm having is that when I reboot my phone, the YouTube app loses the pairing and says "No TVs paired with this mobile device", even though in the YouTube app settings on the Xbox One it says that one device is paired, which it lists is "LGE Nexus 5 (SigmaTheDJ)" which is correct.

Anyone else having these issues? Being able to use the phone to send videos to the TV via the Xbox One is great, but not if I have to re-pair my device every time I shut it down and start it up again.


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