"30 years of work since the beta"

A quote from demize's twitter:


"We calculated that over 30 years of work has gone into BF3 since the beta."




Obviously he means 30 years in man hours... if he is correct. So the total amount of time everyone on the DICE/EA team have worked on the title since the beta (probably when the build we are playing was ready, so early August) equals 30 years. That's according to Demize.


What do you all think?


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For every DICE employee, that evens out to a little over 24 hours a day per person. It would be nice to find an average, since out of DICE people are obviously working on it as well. No average for me :(

Not possible on the hours side.  I bet hes speaking of some other way they trended the technology advancement plus the hours and some other trended data.    Its simply not possible to have 30 years worth of actual man hours in 7 weeks.  If they truly calculated something it cannot have been on man hours.

Well if we assume 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 50 work weeks a year we get

   8 x 5 x 50 x 30 = 60,000 man hours which gives us 60,000 / 7 (weeks) = 8572 (rounded up) man hours per week

 I know Activision claims there are over 500 people working on Call of Duty titles, lets also assume they are working 12 hour days 7 days a week to be ready for release. Thats 84 hours a week which means (8572 / 84 =) 102 people working on the title. More if you have shorter or less days

So while I do not believe the claim it is possible with the help of staff both inside and outside the company

Or if we assume you are all over-analyzing, he could have just been talking in a hyperbolic manner...

Math and numbers give me a headache, LOL.

It is going to take more to get this game right. imo


  Did you ever think they spent that time trying to figure out who to blame next?

 First it was Microsoft and Sony who had the code for months before approval (which was false)

 Then it was limitations of hardware (makes you wonder why Gears and even COD look so good)

 Then it was fan base, it was they who built hype for the game (suppose I should pay my share for all those ads)

 Then they said this was only a server test no need for all the features

      Then when people starting asking about this, DICE through a fight and claimed fans had no right to complain

Now you got to keep in mind this all took place over the last week. It takes time to figure out who to blame, but sure they will find someone

It could be possible. But that's me, because I don't know how many people work at DICE, how many of them have worked how much overtime, if that includes the staff at EA, how many if any both companies have hired as extra temporary employees in order to get the game ready. Too many uncertain variables to do any kind of certain math. It just comes down to whether or not we believe him.

it needed all that work to fix it yet the "fanboys"  have been claiming since day one how amazing the beta is and have been playing it non stop since release,shows what they know about games.

i played it on day one on both ps3 and xbox,hated it and not played it since.


  Be careful what you say. If it becomes known that someone is using common sense and intellegent thought process to judge either the beta or Dices many excusses, the FANBOY HORDES will be unleashed. They present no danger but best of all thier lame attempts at to disprove you can be funny.