Qunari Smack down - Story Spoiler Ahead!

I took my party to open up the smack down on Arishok after he took over the keep and executed the Viscount on Casual difficulty because I basically suck at this game even though it is a lot of fun.  After I defeated the honor guard the big man himself becomes involved and he only wants to fight no matter what options I choose in the dialogue box.  Fine with me.  The problem is my characters are to weak to defeat all of them at once.  Any ideas on what level of characters I should have and what weapons I should try to find?  Keep in mind if you know a really cool weapon that will take these dudes on try to remember to tell me where it is so I can go find it.  My Marian Hawke is a Warrior.


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Figured it out  - Just bring Fenris along in the fight and he apparently knows the Qunari laws.  He spouted them off to Arishok and got him to fight my character in single combat.  It also didn't hurt that I poisoned my blade, brought along a bunch of combustion grenades, and had plenty of healing and mana potions.