Quitting before match is over

I've experienced lately a LOT of people quitting prior to getting beat.  Does this effect your ranked scoring?

Example:  I was down to 2 life with Ancient Depths, opponent still had 20 life; I aethered 2 of his creatures and brought out Ulamog.  As I was about to beat him, he quits.  Now on the screen it says it was a defeat, but then when the selection screen comes up, I sometimes get a message stating that the person I was playing has lost connection.

Is there a difference between conceding a game and just outright quitting?  Personally, I think it's a bunch of b/s and irritates me to no end.  Lately, if the connection to the person has been lost, I've been filing a complaint for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Any thoughts, comments; feel free....


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Yeah. I don't get it either. I've NEVER had an opponent just take the loss or concede. They always quit and I get the "lost connection" message.

What's really baffling about it, is that people even do it in unranked.

If it works like just about every other online game on Live, they do it because thought it may count as a win for you, disconnecting (or dashboarding) protects them from taking a loss. Though don't quote me on that. I'm not shallow enough to try it.

agreed with both above me, i dont like to stay for someone pulling a overrun and im tapped out and swings with everything.... completely pointless

In real-life Magic, people regularly concede (or "scoop") when an opponent has effectively won the game and playing out the final blow would be pointless.  It's just acknowledging a checkmate situation.   If conceding is acceptable at FNM or the Pro Tour, it's fine on XBLA.  You still get your win, so don't get your panties in a bunch because you don't get to swing in for the kill.

You're getting the win regardless irc. I have no problem with people backing out if they're about to lose.. It allows both of you to get into another game faster.