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Why you got to be a quiter? You get credit and exp. You don't want to play then don't play. The only person you are hurting is yoursalf. Suck it up and tough it out.

How you going to suceed in anything if you don't try. If you suck then keep trying till you don't suck. There is a first time for everybody. I suck with a new game or challenge.

You don't quit. You keep moving forward one step at a time. Sometimes you get the bear some times the bear gets you. Keep fighting till one day you realize you are good

at this and maybe you can help someone who isn't. If someome needs help with achievements then help them. You could get them to help you. You'll be a better person all

around. Keep fighting the good fight. If it was easy anyone could do it. You can do it.


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5 stars buddy.

I know where you're coming from, but sometimes people quit, leave or get disconnected.  I understand quitting because they're is getting beat is a childish, but sometimes people quit because lag is just unbearable, they have urgently need to leave or their connection is playing up.


You can't always know the reason behind an action, sometimes you can though and when you do, it's rather humourous.

Well I guarantee you the quitting epidemic is more geared towards rage quits over lag.

Maybe not in H4 :D


In all seriousness, I'm sure a lot of it is rage but there are going to be a lot of people quitting for valid reasons.


Playing 2v8 on Japanese/American Host on Ragnarok was fun. My teammate went 8 and 32.

Playing Meltdown and not seeing anything kill me twice was cool.

Playing Vortex and seeing the Host Reset screen for the majority of the game was good too.

So was seeing it 12 times on Exile.


Too many connection-related issues in H4.

About 1/10 of my quits are rage induced. If someone invites me to a game I'll quit out. If I get a phone call I'll quit out. Bad lag, dog needs to go out, wife needs me for manly things, betraying teammates, quit out. I would say I quit out quite a lot. Sorry, buddy.

For shaaaaame.  Quitting seems selfish to me if it can't be helped.  Especially when you're playing on a DLC map or it's 5 minutes or less until the match is over and then you're really *** your remaining teammates because join in progress doesn't always work.  And believe me I've been on the receiving end of being on a 3 vs 5 team or worse several times.

I rarely quit, personally.

I only quit when there is lag (which so happens to be when the other team is doing good :P )

I figure my team is better off if I quit when I get a phone call as opposed to me going AFK for 5 minutes and getting killed the whole time.

I mean when you can't help it.

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