Is it back...?  I think i was in a room with someone doing that and it was annoying.  Not sure why the developers still have that in the game...They should make it that you have to look down the barrel for at least 2 sec or whatnot...it shouldnt just snap to your enemy and one shot kill...Having snipers run around like they are carrying **** weapons is just dumb.  Not sure why they still have this in the game.  Sniper rifles were not intended to act as a run and gun weapon...just stupid.


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I have never goten the quicksnipeing to work but i could just be talentlees when it comes to it and besides i agree with you completly take the fun/point out of sniping one of my friend got a headshot the other day from 600m no thats sniping

i agree. Last night on one map all i heard was the sniper rifle going off!  I located the two snipers sitting 78 miles away from civilization. Came up behind them and the rest is history...but still annoying

It's funny, these quickscoping snipers think they are so awesome, just because they found a glitch in the bf series games.  If they really had to snipe, they would be terrible at it.

New CoD is out. They'll leave and play that.

QSing isnt effective in BFs because the sniper rifles are NOT one hit kills. However I have been OHK'd a few times in this game via snipers, but I dunno if its a lucky headshot or if I already had some damage. I do see a TON of people sniping, but QSing, not so much.

I was playing Commander Mode... and a high value target showed up, they were camping on the building across from where the tall building on Shanghai, my team had the B flag, and i called in a Missile strike and it killed the camping sniper, on the rooftop.

besides the annoying snipers, the C4 terrorist running around trying to sneak up on vehicles is a pain, even swimming under the boat. the Majority of those terrorist are suicide bombers, since they can only get you by killing themselves at the same time.