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Have you guys seen the astronaut glitch in the Moon map? Usually occurs when a Gersh is thrown near him. The Gersh goes away, but then the astronaut walks backwards, very fast (like moon-walking) and goes straight from player to player, knocking them down. Good thing is the astronaut is still killable and the glitch ends when hes killed (via blowup).  Another off topic quick question........My wife picked up my son a Madden 11 football game used. Whats he have to do to get it playable online (he wants to destroy paw-paw) LOL. I realized the game is an EA game and itll maybe take a "online" number/code purchase to be available online. Is that correct? And where do I find these? Can I get it online with M$ points? Thanks all in advance. I know the COD bunch is very savy with everything and info.


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You should just get the EA season Pass. It will let you play online in EA sports games. So even if you end up getting Madden 12 later used you will be able to play that online as well as get roster updates.They were advertising it on the  dashboard. Otherwise if you just try to go online in the game it should prompt you for it. Hope that helps.

Thanks. I Googled it too, LOL. Ill have to check the season pass, or they do each game specific codes too. Getting there cut of the used games market, but at least its available through XBL.

I didnt know you needed the season pass to play it online if you got it used, I thought that just gave you access to EA sports games a few days early. You may have to purchase a code to play online. They were around 10 bucks last time I checked

You don't need it. You can go the route you said and buy a code per game. Season pass allows you to not have to worry about game by game. Plus you get the discounts on DLC and the option of  getting their game 3 days early.

Well that clears it up then

Yup, seen the moon-walking glitch. He also will sit and just move his arms back and forth (I call it "jammin'") and then he's totally harmless.

Yeah that's pretty neat wen he's giving it the big one and raving u say jammin lol atleast this way he is no bother watsoever to ya

Thanks for the info peeps, and Ive seen him "jam" and get stuck in a couple of spots too, LOL. The first time he glitched on me, it was round 25 and that ended it for us, because everybody got teleported and/or knocked down and lost all perks. I usually try for the cheevo, all 8 perks a super to keep throughout the game. Get knocked down, no prob, just get revived up and you got all 8 perks again, thats cool.