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whats with the upside down controls. Up is down and down is up and you can't change it? I played the campaign completely and had no issues with the controller, but when I tried the combat training I couldn't aim at all. Everytime I tried to look left or right I ended up looking up or down. I tried to change the sensitivity to it's lowest, but it had no effect.


is there something that is different between the two modes?


Unless they make a change to the controls or give more controller options. I guess multiplayer is a no go. to bad want to play online with my brother. see if I could beat him


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Have you only been playing flight simulators for the past two years?

Kiddin', I don't know what you're talking about though. You might have accidentally inverted your controls. Look for something in the controller options about inversion, and try flipping that on and off.

there are controller options ..... under ..... options

you are looking for " look inversion"

i had the promblem i chaged the look inversion