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I just beat ME1 and started ME2 was curious if this game was like the first in where once you beat the final mission you cannot go back and do side missions, also how do you land on a planet all i can do i scan and probe, lastly i ported my character but the profile i ported i did not romance anyone or do many side missions, does romancing a character like liara change their alligince in ME2, or any other side missions drastically change things. Thanks and sorry for all the questions.


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1) You can continue after you beat the Suicide Mission to finish other missions/assignments

2) Certain planets have anomalies on them and you just follow the white line and send a probe

     -once a probe has been sent you can land on the planet

     -landing on planets is nothing like ME just to let you know

3) Liara is not really a recruitable teammate except for the shadow broker mission

    -anyways no matter who you romance or dont, they will be loyal to you in ME3.