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As a TES fan, I can't wait to get my Geek on, when ever this game finally arrives.  One thing bothering me though, is the fact that I do work away for long periods of time (2-3 months) and I personally don't see the point in paying the subscription fees for the time I'm away, so I'll be cancelling it but reinstating it when I get home. Will I lose all progress in the game, if I do this? It's something that's niggling at me.

If they give discounts to people who pay for a full year, I wouldn't mind doing it this way.  


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This is something only Bethesda/Zenimax could answer.

They have yet to finalize any release info on how it will all work.

As you can see FOZZER, I used to have the same problems. Most of the time in the past I just had to sign back up and pay the fee at sign up. MMO's don't have a save persay so you would just pick back up at some point. Your character should stay at any progression you had made.