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Sorry if it's been asked 30 times....I played the game when it came out and didn't remember anything too insanely hard, got the zombie dlc and it was pretty easy. Now I started on the general knox stuff and it seems pretty impossible. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Do I need to do something to make it somewhat easier? Thanks in advance for the help.


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what level are you and playthrough theres recommended levels for that minimum is 30+ on playthrough 1 and within the 52 level on playthrough 2 if you arent within that level you gonna get killed.

I'm lvl 51 when I try it on playthrough 1 it's crazy easy and then the exact opposite on playthrough 2... seems like I get killed in one shot and they take like an insane amount of bullets do kill. I would just finish it on playthrough 1 but the XP is so bad that I wont even come close to lvl cap I'd assume.

i usually dont follow suggested levels.i do two or three sidemissions and be 1 or 2 levels above.unless im using a siren.

A few guns that you might wanna have in stock. Id definitely would definitely recommend An anarchy smg,a unforgiven masher,combustion hellfire,pestilent defiler,and a pestilent crux should make life alot easier for you on the general knox dlc.

depending on your characters class you should by now have your self a good set of weapons... in zombie you were not using any pestilent weapons or shock since those weapon were use less but in Knoxx you might want to be using them since they help a lot. Also by now everyone should really know about the vengeance gun and how to use it, that will help you with any crimson lance and shielded enemies.

My latest favorite weapon for my siren is the 'Tediore SV530-B Pestilent Savior', it features very high elemental effect chance and regenerates ammo, and it comes in very handy to kill off craws armored minions. the only good tediore weapons are the ones that regenerate ammo if its Tediore brand and it does not then don't waste your time, also when it comes to weapons with elemental effects you don't want the top body type you want the one that gives you more techlevel and you'll get a better elemental effect chance so if you are looking for a Combustion Hellfire the best one is not the HX body but the TEK530 C with the 36 clip and 10.8 fire rate  it will cause more incendiary damage since it has a larger 'tech pool' those two smgs and a Torgue Double Anarchy with your vengeance a great shield and a mercenary class mod and your siren is unstoppable.

also if you want shock damage a Tediore SV530-B Fulgurating Savior is nice one to have too, but the techlevel pool is higher on a Maliwan TEK530 C Fulgurating SMG. too bad there are no ligit Fulgurating Anarchy's or Pestilent Anarchys.