Quick question with Roxie good ending.

Normally I look things up, but I find my searches turn up BS.  People find it easy to post, but whether or not a reply can answer a question is another story. 

Here is my question does Roxie have to "survive" 1 whole X-8 session or merely be a part of it?    


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i have to rephrase the question if threads can be answered and the correct solution is not cut and dry.  Good ending, based on the Fallout Wikipedia and YouTube videos.  Roxie and Rex have cyber puppies.  The obvious answer I have seen, "Roxie must be part of a X-8 training mission",  


I want a more specific answer since I consider the answer vague at best considering the other possibility.  Such as Roxie must survive or merely be a "part of" so to speak (Roxie dies easily) in the X-8 training mission.

If x-8 is were you made her then just make her and send her to the front door after killing everything.I just leave her there for the rest of the game.Also you might want to do Rex quest first so his brain is better.

And remember to turn on subtitles.  Otherwise, this slide in the ending is just a dog barking

It is only proper I say thank you for responding.  I did find that option after "talking" to the Roxie.  The right one this time.