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I have the Hardened Edition of MW3. I redeemed my ELITE code and was notified that I had a one-year subscription. However, it does NOT appear in any way that I have a Premium Elite Membership on the actual game. Also, I'm supposed to have Founder Status.

I've heard a bit about the servers not working but is this normal? When I go into the ELITE application, it doesn't show any sign of me being a part of ELITE, either.

Are a lot of people experiencing this problem? I know that the servers are having problems, as I stated above, but this seems different.


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I Would wait till elite is up and running completly and if it still isn't right you might need to email them. it should work itself out though when it is up and running.

Founder status takes anywhere from 48 hours+ to activate. Your questions are CLEARLY stated on Elites website.

I'm having this issue too. Just made a similar thread. D'oh...


But yeah, I'd wait a few days or maybe even a week before freaking out. Apparently, once you put the code in for Premium before the end of the month, you automatically get Founder Status, so I think we're okay.

Thank you for contacting Activision Customer Support. With your purchase of Hardened edition you will get founder status regardless of when you activate your Premium Elite Token. If you activate your Premium Elite Token before November 13th, it will attach to your gamertag automatically and you will get the founder status, even with the site being down right now. If you have any other issues, feel free to contact us again.

Email from activision.

Most of the time I can't even get into the application or website so you're a step ahead of most ;P.

I read on the ELITE website that you could not use the founder code on the card that came with Hardened Edition until after the 13th.

every time i try and sign up for the founder status on the website i get an error...has any one hurd if they are extending the time to sign up for it???? they really dropped the ball on this 1.

Youngmatty- They are having issues with the Elite service. Hopefully it's fixed by this weekend. I agree with you, they did drop the ball!