Quick Question About Weekly Challenge: Exodus: LASO

So, I realize this weekly challenge has been up before, and normally I'm a little hesitant to try and tackle campaign challenges on my own, so I just thought I'd ask, is this 1 1 of those that has to be done on your own, or can it be done in a group?  If it's possible and you're able to from here, send an invite with a message about it if anyone has or can get a group together and if not and is a single player thing, don't worry about it.  Also, if anyone has any info leave a reply back here as well.


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This site always helps me. If I'm doing the challenges. But to answer your question. It doesn't hurt to try on your own. That was my favorite part of the challenges.

yea, that site doesn't exactly answer my question.  it just lists the description.  all i wanna know if whether or not it's a single player thing or if it can be done in a group.

SLASO is Solo... while this is just LASO so I would presume it can be done in co-op seeing as the discription does not say solo only.

So, anyone wanna try and co op this tonight?

I don't know if I did something wrong but I got through this with a buddy and neither of us got the challenge =/

I saw that it needs to be done with all the skulls on, and I've seen some other challenges that require certain skulls to be activated.

How do you activate skulls when playing online co-op? (Yes, the question IS asked out of ignorance...I'm old, I don't understand all these new-fangled gadgets!)

Or, does the challenge have to be done as an invite type game?

Hey man .


When you want to do online co-op, you simply go into the 'Campaign' Lobby, like 'Matchmaking', make sure your network is on 'Xbox LIVE' (it might say something like 'My Friends' or something too, but that doesn't cause a problem). Then you can simply open your Friends List and invite the people you want to play with.


I don't know whether you knew that or not so I thought I'd chuck it in there .


If you want to activate Skulls, you can simply select them as an option. Above the 'Start' button, you can find the options for the mission you want to play, the difficulty, which Skulls you want activated and whether you want Scoring on or not. (Scoring just gives you a score for each thing you kill and tracks some stats in Campaign. Try it some time, I for one prefer having it on).


You want to open the 'Skulls' menu and select the individual Skulls you want to take effect. Obviously for this one you want to activate them all . A Skull is activated when it's bright rather than greyed out.


Also, a little off-topic, I watched your film and it didn't strike me as dubious.


The connection certainly wasn't perfect but your opponents were too clumsy for them to be cheating, I think. One sniped the other in the back at one point and there was nothing that seemed too perfect, as it were. No fights where they placed every shot on you or your guys and lots of fights where both players beat each other down.


It looked like an annoying game since there was lots of Armour Lock and nade spam (basically, the throwing of LOTS of grenades), but it didn't look dubious. They were quite close to each other a lot of the time and generally died taking someone else out too, which means that since they had two players it was very difficult for your team to match their kills.


It's a very annoying thing to happen but it's always harder to kill a team of two dudes who kill at least one person per death, because there are less targets for your team.


I apologise for not sending you a message with that but it was going to take a lot of messages . It's good to see you in the Reach Forums too dude .

Thanks CSB.