Quick question about weapon skins

Is anyone out there dumb enough to buy them, blatant profiteering with something that should be included in the game anyway.


I hate companies now who cut content from their games just so they can sell it for microsoft points and have the cheek to call it 'bonus content'

The only content worth paying for is new maps but thats after the game has been out a long time and getting stale.

Already four map packs have been announced which most have already been developed, again content that should be in the game already, more profiteering because of dumb people who actually pay for it.

An please dont say they dont add it at lauch because its too much content for a single disc, again thats just being an idiot.


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Sorry title should be quick rant about weapon skins

definatly agree, although it is just cosmetics, as in visual and does nothing in-game, so the people buying it would be idiots anyway, i could see myself maybe buying 1 skin if i got really into gears 3, an animated skin might be cool, doubtful i ever will though.

never seen as big of a **** move as "oh, to change the color of your gun you now have to pay" lmfao. why does gears think its an mmo all of a sudden? they know kids are dumb enough to think its worth it and use mommies bank card.

[quote user="k0rruptiD"]

why does gears think its an mmo all of a sudden?

[/quote]Because TF2 thinks it's an MMO?

If you don't like it then don't buy it. Speak with your wallet.

I think its kind of dumb, they could have atleast had a few of those special looking ones in the game for free. And later on added new ones. Im not a fan of DLC that comes out on day 1 and is something like this. Sure its only cosmetic differences but its something they could have just kept free.

Just wait, this is just the Launch Weapons Pack which means there will be more packs coming out later.

And sadly I've seen a lot of people actually wearing some of the weapon skins you gotta pay for

Buying a few select ones is not bad but paying $45 for something that will go on sale later is a little crazy but people can spend their money on what they want.

Plan on picking up the Season Pass in a few weeks [before november], grabbing gears on friday with the console [Goodbye Elite <3]

just remember, having a skin on a gun doesn't make you better in anyway

Nope, but people love customizing everything these days and every business is making a ton of money off of it!