Quick question about trading - how to tell how much an item is worth?

I see that if you have an item equipped, it will tell you the sell value, but if it's unequipped, it does not. Also, what do the icons mean w/ regard to an item? Thanks!!



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Well the only way is to go to a vender and see the sell value of ear item.

And what weapon icons are you talking about. Where do you see them???

There's something that looks like a heart and then something that looks like a sword -- and for different weapons/items, there's 1-3 of them

I believe the icons are sword shield and heart, which means damage, armor, and vitality. I believe it compares to what you have equipped. Green means its better and red is worst.

cant get used to using the X button; to go back to the item lists, when comparing gear.


usually (though force of habit with other games) i'll hit the B button, which will exit you from where you want to be in the actual inventory / trading screen.


I thinking to myself, by the time i'm completely done with this game, how much total time I'll waste, fumbling through the compare UI.


stuff like this is why I don't typically play games online, as it would most likely be annoying for other players, especially over extended periods of time. :p

I hear ya on the x button being needed, kinda ridiculous. also no banner drop to highlight on map for party. a ferw others not so important but yeah, x the x button.

I did notice though, once you do use the X button to compare, you can just flip through your entire inventory using the dpad or the LS up / down...


... before having to flip back, using the X button, not the B.



Thanks all!