Quick HELP Appreciated!!

Couple of questions:

1.Im having a hard time finding "lockpicks",cant find them in stores,and those i find in chests,boxes etc doesnt last for long.

Whats the easiest way to get lockpicks?

I cant use the magic "minor latch crack" cause it requires alternation skill of 25,and for some reason it seems i doesnt increase that skill at all?!

2.How do i increase the skills,some skills increases auto,but alternation for example is stucked on 5 since i started play,im on 15h gameplay now.

Any help is much appreciated!


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If you join the Thieves Guild, you can buy lock picks. To increase your Alteration, you need to use Alteration spells on an appropriate target. But since you are at 5, your best bet would be to find a trainer.

And remember, the fun of this game is finding out how to find these people :)

Ok,there are no spells i can use,to low skills it says or something like that-Where do i find someone who can teach me this?

Thieves guild-ive tried to find them,first time i played this game,a year ago or something,i actually found them,but cant remember where...I erased the save-file,i think i got the "join thieves guild" achievement,but since i erased it it doesnt help me now =(

Go to jail, and find the Mages Guild. They normally have trainers.

What level are you?  Possible spoiler below, to see simply highlight. 


If you're level 10 & over go to the shrine of Nocturnal.  Finishing it's quest nets you a special lockpick that gives +10 to your lockpick skill & can't break. 

Im only level 3,ive found a spell im able to use to raise my alternation,"defend" spell.

And i also found thieves guild,and one of the members who sells lockpicks!

Thanks alot for the help!And Randzz-sounds really useful after ive reached 10 =)

The UESP should be able to answer any more  of your questions.