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How often do you get new releases sent to u from ur que? ( if ur "q" is low, let's say 5 to 10 games)


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My games arrive in 2 days. Every time. My shipping center is 45 minutes away from my house.

Gamefly is much slower than netflix but they are imProving. Id put a new release on there at least three days before.

I been a member of gamefly for almost 2 years...and when it comes to new games you should strive for making sure you have nothing out and then you get it immediately otherwise it could take a few days. but once your game is shipped to you It will arrive in  2 -3 days. try my link I have had several friends of mine talked into getting it. I advertise it because I so far believe in the product.

<br> Contact me On Xbox live. And Ill talk to you more about the queues and certain tricks u can learn. I got some time now to get on if you like to.JC86

How far in advance should u add the game?so if u have any other game that is an "older" tittle u prob. Will not get the new release? I wonder how many new release tittles they have and send out..........on a side note I get netflix pretty quick, do u think gamefly will produce simular results?

I'm on the final case in LA Noire right now. Sent to me from Gamefly. Covert Affairs explains the method I used to achieve this.

If you want a brand new release have an empty slot before release and leave only that game in it. Waiting till after release of a new game means you probably wont get it.

To be honest, these guys take forever with me. I'm still waiting on Mortal Kombat after I sent Dragon Age 2 like a week ago. :/

From Game Fly FAQ..."We strive to send you the top ranked game in your GameQ. When we received your most recent return, the top game in your GameQ may have been temporarily unavailable. Therefore, to get a game into your hands as quickly as possible, we will send the next available game on your list. Be sure to keep plenty of released games in your GameQ so you don't miss out on playing!"