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I would have called cx support, but I couldn't find the number. I started with 1 disk out and upgraded 2 days ago(and was prorated). Today being maybe the third day, I still have 1 disk out and they haven't sent the other.........question is, do I have top return my first game 2 get the 2 disk at a time sent?

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It took me a little to get what you're saying, but I think I understand. No, you do not have to send both back before they send you another. I am on a 2-Game plan as well. They will not send you more than 2 games if you already have a second out. It doesn't matter which in circulation it is. So for instance:


If you received Game X in the mail, then received Game Z in the mail afterward, having two games at home at the same time... and decide to send back the second game, Game Z... GF will send you out the next available game in your GameQ once they receive Game Z, opening up another spot in your 2-Game Plan. You do not need to send back the first game (Game X), first. Nor do they wait to receive both.--As long as you have two, it can be any two. Hope I helped. (okay +50 for honesty, lol).



If you get a scratched/damaged game in the mail or a different disc in the sleeve than expecting. Report it, but don't request hem sending you the same game. Their policy is @@@ backwards. Instead of just sending you a replacement, they will micro-manage your account for you, inserting the game at the top of your GameQ. Meanwhile you're still paying for that extra game out. Time = Money in my book. So instead, request them to send the next available game. For some reason, if you request them to resend the same game, they try and bend you over. This way, they send out the next game immediately, without making you wait while you return the defective game. You can always put the game in question back at the top of your GameQ yourself. And if you are lucky enough that they send you the wrong disc instead of just a scratched or broken one... you get a free game to play out of it, assuming you haven't already played it.

Lol, they sent me the second disk yesterday after I put disk 1 in the mailbox. Thanks for the response. Will def. Keep that in mind turbo. I got jus the outter sleeve from netflix 2 days ago 2. Haha, had a few stickers on it saying it was damaged. U knw I called and reported that. They sent me another dvd. Thanks for the link 57, couldn't find the cx support number anywhere.