I was wondering if you can have access to multiple safehouses? Right now I have access to the NCR safehouse, but I would also like to use the Brotherhood of Steel's safehouse. Also, has anyone else experienced freezing issues around hidden valley? I have froze 3 times today in that are and also have had a freeze that didn't allow me to shut off my Xbox properly and had to unplug it.


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You can have access to multiple safe-houses.  In my current play-through, I have access to the BOS & Followers of the Apocalyptics.In other play throughs I have also had access to the NCR ranger safe house.  Never had access to the Legion safe house though, because I hate the legion and kill them every play through.

Thanks for the answer I think i'll try to gain access to all of the safehouses except for the legion =P

I'm mean i killed caesar so I could have his tent in the first place lol

Yes you can. As of right now with my current character, I have the BOS, NCR and FOTA safehouses.

You can get every safe house in the game easily i usually do a NCR play through so in order to get  the legion safe house i pick pocket all the NCR dog tags i can find (takes about 40 if your neutral with them) and turn them into Aurelius Phoenix before i head to go see Caesar for the first time do. Talk to Caesar and then talk to the guard who teaches you the unarmed move and hell give you the key to the safe house.