Questions regarding the Shoot 'Em Up contest

Can't seem to find any other place for this. My questions regarding the contest are these.


1. After downloading the gamerpic, must I have it selected as my active gamerpic?

2. When playing one of the listed multiplayer games, does each complete multiplayer session/match count as an entry?


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Surely, I can't be the only one wondering about this?

You just have to download it.

That's what I thought, thank you.

What about multiplayer sessions? Anyone know if I earn a new entry(chance to win) with each multiplayer session completed, or is it just a one time thing? For example: Say I play 10 games of MW2, do I earn ten entries, or just one?

just 1

I never bother registering for giveaway events like these anymore because I never win and I'm left with these ugly green register gamerpics that I have to delete.

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I've won 5 different times. Never anything big but I have won a lot of MSPs. Even won a console stickers thinger mabahber.

Thank you Covert, that's what I thought. Well good news is I do not have to force myself to play the broken unbalanced BS that is MW2 multiplayer.

No one can offer any further info?