Questions for the folks who rent servers..

1. Can you set how many vehicles are on the board and what kinds?

2. Can you play by yourself. For example, could you lock the match down and just roam around the board by yourself?

3. What is the absolute lowest amount of players you can have?

4. If you answered 'yes' to 1 and 2, do you use private matches for jet practice?

5. What is the lowest amount of tickets you are allowed to set the game to?


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I have not rented a server but I am the admin of several rented by others.

1. Just the standard or vehicles off

2. Yes but the points don't count

3. Honestly don't remember

4. I don't because I can fly already, but one could

5. I believe it was ...20%? anyway... quite low

3. 2 at the minimum to start and get points (boosters love this)

4. I learned with Trial by Fire. You'll get good at FLYING that way, but when it comes to shooting down other jets, you'll be terrible, however with ground targets you can get a crap load in privates.

5. 50% of the regular amount for that map to be RANKED (or for people to find your match, not sure)


Love the update, you just have to commit to your server if your alone, if your with friends then when people find 4 people even in matches, they join then in about 3 minutes, it's full (from my experience anyway).

People just like to whine. :)

1. No. The option is for vehicles ON or OFF. The OFF setting does not remove all vehicles, only those that are not transport vehicles like tanks, jets, attack choppers. So jeeps, rubber rafts, the venom transport chopper will all be in the game still.

2. Yes. Until the minimum player count is reached you will be able to "free play" it is UN-ranked so all kills and objectives gained will not earn you any xp. Once the server has enough players to start a match (default is 8 but can be set as low as 2) then the game will restart and will then be ranked (if the server is set as a ranked server).

3. 2

4. Yes you can and people do make their servers private (passworded) so they can practice with vehicles unhindered.

5. 10%. This varies the actual ticket count depending on the mode. Example is TDM at 10% will give each side 10 tickets. Short game.

Something to note is that some changes made will cause your server to be UN-ranked. I do have a rented server just so you know I am speaking from experience. My server is a West server named "ISSI Midnight's Madness"

1. o'clock

2. o'clock

3. o'clock rock