Questions about two xboxs, one gamer tag.

I want to buy a second xbox to game on at work on night shift.  Can I just put my gamer tag on a thumb drive and then upload it to the new xbox, if so will game save and achievements be moved?  After getting my current gamertag on the new console will I be able to download all of my arcade games again and pick up where ive left off?

Any problems I should be aware of before I try to do this?

Thanks in advance.


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I have two 360s and a 16GB flash drive. I just keep my profile on the thumb drive instead of copying it back to the hard drive when I switch systems. Your achievements are built into your profile, so they will always follow you.

As for your game save data -- depending on the game, you may have to move that separately. Just goto System, Memory, Hard Drive, then look for the Game data that you want to move/copy. Some XBLA titles keep the save data stored in the Gamer Profile. Other games keep save data stored on remote servers (mostly MP data -- like CoD stats/rank). However, most games will store the save data in files on your storage device.

Yes, you can redownload all of your DLC/XBLA titles to the new 360. The content will be active as long as your profile is signed in.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes. You can access the Marketplace and just re-download what you want or you can goto your Download History and download items through there.

Or if you have a big enough flash drive, copy the arcade games to the drive then move them to the New consoles HDD.