Questions about these new forums

It's like the saying goes, "If it is not broken don't fix it" Like everyone else here, (Or most) I hate these new forums, and is one reason why I hardly come here anymore, but I do want to know a few things

1)How to you put pics in your sig like I see some? (I thought I saw it say somewhere only mods could do this?)

2)How do you quote someone? Do I now have to type in "quote..." where as before I could just click "Quote"

3)Is there a way you can put in lazy links, and like before insert a different phrase, like "Click here"

4)Is there a general discussion area, or just the general discussion game area?

4)WTH did they bother changing the forums anyway. Whos braindead idea was this anyway? lol


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1.) Not sure about Sigs, but they are going to be removing pictures from forums unless you are a Mod/MVP, ect so no point

2.) Click "use rich formatting" and then quote should be on the left hand upper corner

3.) Same as above, click rich formatting then hit the link button(note, rich text formatting is pretty much nonexistent for me, none of the buttons work, this site is garbage)

4.) This is it

5.) They are lame...dumb change IMO


I don't know what is worse. The person(s) who designed this webpage, or the person(s) who approved it

They made it more clutter, and harder to do things.

I think MS is trying to save money and getting interns to do the designs because nobody that knew what they were doing could make such a bad design. Especially when you go from something that worked great, to utter crap

Anyway thank you for your time in answering my questions.

I appreciate it

To answer your last question OP, they changed the forum because it was terrible the way it was. The thing is, it weren't terrible because of the functionality, that was actually one of the more stable, usable and normal things about it. They just basically took the forums as they were, and made them significantly harder (or maybe just more complicated) to use