Questions about the 1.5 Patch Kill Cams :)

Hey, so I've just recently started playing again, and I've downloaded the 1.5 patch. From the Patch notes it says: " new kill cams for ranged combat and spells." Well for magic I haven't once gotten a kill cam... At first I thought they didn't exist but I've done some research online and people have gotten them. My spells have varied from: ice spear, fireball, ice storm, and chain lightning, but NOT ONCE have I gotten a kill cam from those spells. I don't know whether it is a bug or not but I need to know.

On a side note, for ranged combat, I've never gotten the kill cam where it follows the arrow to my target, is this PC exclusive?


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I get the bow and arrow kill cam all the time, rarely used magic so don't know about that. But it usually has to be the final enemy.

It happens as often as it does with melee. Just keep on trucking and you will get some.