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How do I activate his instinct mode what buttons to press? Also when I get a full bar how can I do a double ultra for more hits.


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You activate by pressing HP + HK. The double Ultra, just do an Instinct cancel anywhere in the combo and then re-enter your Ultra command. With practice you can get some pretty awesome combos.

It's the same way to activate ANY players instinct mode. Go through the dojo mode in local play, it explains all the games mechanics.

In order to do a "double ultra" you have to "cancel" your ultra by doing Instinct mode before the ultra finishes.  You have to remember when your character reaches the point of no return on the ultra and press the instinct mode.  It works the same with normal combos during a match, your character stops the combo and morphs into instinct, then you can do a variety of moves to continue the combo with a reset counter.  Once you are up to your max hits on the counter, activate the Ultra Combo again to begin the 2nd Ultra.