Questions about jets, connectivity and graphics.

So, has anyone actually gotten to using the jets? I don't care to use them, I just want to know if people are fighting over them. How's the connectivity? Any online problems as far as lag and getting a match going? Also, how are the graphics compared to the BETA? Wait, while I'm at it.. How is it compared to the BETA? I'm picking my copy up later today and I'd figured I'd get some info while I wait.. Please, do share.


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Just buy the game!

Servers were nice last night, love the browse option.  Pretty fast getting in matches, not the usual server lag, well not yet anyways, lol.  Beta was definitely not using the HD textures, game is very very good looking.  

Yeah, I was pretty sure it would look nothing like the Beta. It was just such a big issue for people and I wanted to get the word on it. So, I'm guessing there will be lots of people with feet in their mouths?


To be honest im finding it a really weird game, dont get me wrong i love it so far, but the grafix are so varied..Indoor, close up textures or night time maps on or offline are questioable at times..i'd go so far to say no better than BC.

But next thing you drop into operation firestorm, or grand bazaar and its like a differant game im not kidding..very odd

As for the flying..well im usless at it i jumped into this map last night (which is epic by the way and crashed every plane i got in..but i havent experimented with the differant control schemes as yet so only practice needed...i will tell u one thing for sure is that its truly amazing battling it out on the ground wilst the planes are at it jet flew over a small goup of us fighting across this outdoor choak point and we were all like...WOW!! epic

Server browser is very good, well needed infact...a bit of lag and disconnections here and there too, but nothing to cry about

One thing i did notice is the time that the MCOMS take to explode seems way shorter than BC2..maybe is made worst by the fact that ppl dont fully know the maps, and fewer ppl make it harder to defuse...but i smell a patch might be needed for it

The feel of the guns, unlocks, menu style, map design and the awesome sound do it for me though..Single player however is trash....and all in all no way was that footage we were getting console, grafix are great but no way as good as we all thought.

i guess though we all get so bent out of shape over grafix, and forget what it takes to put these games together and what it takes to get it all working the way that it does...when u sit and think about what you are getting with a game like this game online its...well...simply the dogs danglers..

one nice thing is the helicopters and airplanes don't 'skip' across the sky like in BFBC2. Helo controls are very different and will take plenty of practice to get used to. the jet controls are 1943 type controls and they are super smooth.

Good thing i have been playing a lot of 1943.