questions about gameplay/controls

1) how do i spot enemies so they show up on radar?  (didn't it use to be up on the dpad)

2) how do i change the scope on my gun?  i can't get the acog off my m16.

3) is there a way to call for ammo or health? 

4) is there a way to see the controller layout? 


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1) Spot by using the select button and pointing at the person you want spotted

2) When you die press X to change your loadout, it first puts you in the class selection then select the class, which would be assault for M16 and press a on the M16 icon

3) Maybe, you used to be able to point at the person who is the medic or assault class and press select and your character will call for ammo or health. and show an animation above your head to your teammates

4) Not sure, seeing how I can't get online right now, but I suppose there is. If/when you die try pressing start and see what happen from there