Shy is there no carryover from magic 2012 to magic 2013....both in the decks and the game-modes? It seems it would both encourage people to go back and buy/play 2012 and offer more variety to the completely uninspired decks in 2013. Also, there is no longer a "co-op" mode with the absence of Archmage. Obviously, wizards wants to highlight the new Planechase meta, which is completely ludicrous by the way, but again, more variety. Just this consumers 2 cents.

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Of course they want to highlight the new Planechase, but why would that be ludicrous? I think it is a very interesting game mode, as was the Archenemy mode from 2012. And if you think these decks are uninspired then I'm going to have to guess that you haven't unlocked very many cards for any of them. As far as a carryover goes, why would you want that? (Although I would love to have the Ancient Depths deck in this one) If they did that then it would just be the same game with different cards, and then they would get slammed for that. If you want to play the 2012 decks/modes...then play Magic 2012, it's still there, and its still a great game. They even gave out a free deck key as a reward for having purchased 2012. Personally, I am impressed with this year's release, and I think they put a lot of time and forethought into its design. It may be relatively limited on content and completion time, but it is after all an Arcade game.

why wouldn't you want to be able to play previous decks against the new decks?  That's a very reasonable request... it would be alot of fun.  And I agree, Archenemy should be in DotP moving forward as a game type, as well as Planechase.  Both are fun game formats and should be playable with the newer decks.  As I suggested in another thread.. .at least make Archenemy a DLC for 2013 (with new schemes and cards as well).  

I really liked your idea in the other thread, by the way. Allowing the use of decks from previous games you have purchased is probably something they could easily incorporate, but I don't know how feasible it would be to have game modes carry over. Not saying it couldn't be done, just that it may be a little hard to pull off.

Master of shadow and Mind of Void should never be back again. period.

We've gotten many people asking about older decks being made available for the newer games. I can pass this feedback along.