Just wondering how frequently the monsters come to kill you. Is it a one time thing or does it happen every so often. Reason I ask is because I just want to create stuff and would rather not be bothered with the monster aspect of the game.


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Just turn it to peaceful if you wish to not deal with monsters. Otherwise, it's every night.

the creepers well attack at any time, the spider well only attack if it dark, everything else well attack you at night time.

Thank you.

Not true Rogue Gamer 23.  Just about every statement you made was incorrect.  Notably: (1) Creepers only spawn if it is dark (not "at any time"); (2) spider will attack in the daylight if you attack them first; and (3) slime will attack you at any time and under any light level if you are near the bedrock layers where they spawn.

i think he meant to say, "creepers roam during the day AFTER the night. (till they vanish/blowup).